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Energy Advantage Stone Coated Steel Roof

Energy Advantage Solar Installation Video

Stone Coated Steel Layover System


Advantages of Solar Panels

Before & After Roofing with Energy Advantage Roof & Solar

Moore Corner 2

Awesome Drone View!

Stone Coated Steel Video

Hail damage on a Roof & our process of inspection

Energy Advantage Roof & Solar: Rob West and the difference between wear & tear and actual hail hit

Energy Advantage Roof & Solar: Joe Burchard- What delamination looks like on a roof

#TipOfTheDay Mike explains Solar Flashings for the Rails & its purpose

Tipoftheday Peter explains Felt on a Roof and how we upgrade your Roof

#TeamSpotlight Jeremiah Broz: CEO of Energy Advantage Roof & Solar

The Future of Roof & Solar with Jeremiah Broz

Energy Advantage Roof & Solar use the latest in Solar Panel technology

Homeowner upgrades to an Energy Advantage Stone Coated in Colorado

The process of building a new roof with Energy Advantage Roof & Solar

#TipOfTheDay Install solar panels on metal roof?

Removing Wood Shake Roof with Energy Advantage Roof & Solar

Our customer Kevin talks about his experience with Energy Advantage

Energy Advantage at The Barn Antique Shop in Castle Rock, CO

#Tipoftheday Solar & Stone Coated Steel Roof

Behind the Scenes with Energy Advantage: Delivery of Materials

Learn more about The Energy Advantage System with Jeremiah Broz

Solar & Stone Coated Steel Install

Tip of the Day with Peter: Trimming down Tree branches from an overhanging Tree

Mike Spaniol explains the purpose of a Solar Combiner Box- Energy Advantage Roofing & Solar

Tip of the Day with Peter: Negative effects of Concrete Tile Roof

Realtors! Eliminate Closing Delays with Energy Advantage Roof & Solar

Tip of the Day for Realtors : Not passing Inspection due to Roof Damage

Tip of the Day with Mike Spaniol: Solar breaker box

Tip of the day: Mike explains Solar Optimizers

What Energy Advantage can do for you as Property Manager

Tip of the day with Gabe: The use of Magnets

Ladder safety with Adrian #tipoftheday

Tip of the day with Mike: Solar Flashings

Damaged Roof Furnace in Pueblo, Colorado: Tip of the Day with Peter

New Roof install in Parker, Colorado

SolarMount Rails with Mike Spaniol

Installing a Stone Coated Steel Roof in Colorado Springs

Solution for Skylights after a Hail Storm

Signs of rotted roof decking with Mike Spaniol

Flat Roof Coating with Gabe & Ramon

Installing Standing Seam Roof in Gypsum, Colorado

Removing Shingles from a Roof

The importance of Solar Cable Management

Make sure your Turtle Vents are installed properly!

Solar Panel Install on Stone Coated Steel Roof

Switch to Solar with Energy Advantage

Make the switch to Solar!

Drone Footage of Solar Array on Stone Coated Steel Roof

Cultiva x Energy Advantage: Help Us Eradicate Extreme Poverty