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The Top 10 Most Common Window Installation And Repair Mistakes

What are we without windows? Mere mortals, shivering in the cold and exposed to the elements, that’s what. But window installation and repair can be tricky, and even the most well-intentioned do-it-yourselfer can make some pretty costly mistakes.

Here are the top ten most common window installation and repair mistakes from your friends at Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar, your trusted roofing company in Evergreen, CO.

1. Not Checking the Building Codes and Permits: 

Depending on the window you’re installing or repairing, you may need a permit from your local municipality. Failing to do so can make you liable for some hefty fines.

2. Not Preparing the Area:

Before installation or repair begins, it’s essential to ensure the area around the window is clean and clear. You have to remove any obstacles that could get in the way, such as furniture or drapes.

3. Not Measuring Twice:

They say measuring once is for amateurs. When repairing or installing your window, it’s important to measure twice (or even three times) to avoid costly mistakes.

4. Not Checking for Rot:

When repairing an existing window, it’s essential to check for rot or water damage. Rot is not often visible to the naked eye, so you’ll need to use a moisture meter to check for it.

5. Cutting Corners:

Cutting corners will not get you anywhere when it comes to window installation or repair. This is a job that requires precision and attention to detail. Who doesn’t cut corners? A reputable and experienced window repair professional (aka Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar). 

6. Not Using a Level:

If your repair or restoration involves installing a new window or a part of it, you may forego using a level. This is a mistake! Always use a level to make sure your window is aligned correctly.

7. Not Caulking Properly:

Caulking is an integral part of the window installation process. It helps seal gaps and cracks, preventing air and water from entering your home. Improper caulking can lead to drafts, moisture-related damage, and energy loss.

8. Not Installing Flashing:

Flashing is a thin strip of material installed around the perimeter of a window to prevent water infiltration. If you don’t install flashing, your window is more likely to develop leaks.

9. Not Securing the Window:

Once you have installed your window, now is the time to secure it in place. You can achieve this by using screws or nails. If you don’t secure the window, it will eventually become loose and fall out of the opening.

10. Not Calling in Professionals

Instead of keeping a lookout for these nine and endless more mistakes, wouldn’t it be great if you could leave matters in the hand of a professional? The window Installation experts at Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar, serving Evergreen, CO, are well-versed in what they do and will do a fine, long-lasting job in a jiffy!

So, save yourself from the hassle and call in the experts for your window installation and repair needs! We also offer free quotes; get yours now.