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Low Slope vs. Steep Slope – Which Suits Your Home Best

Key Takeaways: 

  • Steep slope roofing is very common for homes and typical for small commercial buildings.
  • With a steep slope, you have fewer chances of snow and ice buildup, and water flows easily.
  • Low-slope roofing is designed to cover an area with a low pitch.
  • Low slope roof is Affordable and easy to install.
  • Get help from professional roofing contractors to install your roof with the perfect slope according to your needs.

Whether you’re building a new home, needing a roof, or just looking for a replacement, you have multiple options depending on your budget and personal preference. Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar offers the best deals for new roofing or just a replacement!

The roofing slope you choose depends on your area’s price range and the general climate. A good roof should not only protect your home from harsh weather elements but also elevate the beauty of your home. Here are the specifications for our low slopes and steep slopes. 

Steep slope roofing

You will often see a steeply pitched roof on most residential buildings. To be technically classified as a pitched roof, a roof must have 18 degrees or more pitch. Steep slope roofing is very common for homes and is also typical for small commercial buildings designed to mimic a home’s look. The most common type of steep-sloped (otherwise known as pitched) roof in America is asphalt shingles. Our roofing company offers popular materials used for pitched roofs, including metal, slate, wood shingles, natural tile, and synthetic tile, shingles, or shingles.


Water flows better. 

Since the roof has a steep slope, rainwater slides off the sides, and you don’t need to worry about water buildup or leakage. However, this is a labor-intensive process requiring experienced constructors to install all components properly.

Fewer chances of snow and ice buildup. 

Building on the previous point, other weather elements, such as heavy snow or hailstones, are a cake to deal with as they fall to the side of the steep slope. So, we recommend installing a steeply sloped rooftop if you live in a place with heavy snow.

More space to store stuff. 

An A-frame design gives your attic plenty of free space to store your stuff—no need to extend your home deliberately. You can use the opening made by the incline. You can even make another room up there!


Difficult to access. 

Since the roof has a steep incline, performing maintenance or repairs will be more labor-intensive.

Not very practical. 

As such, they are not very practical if you need frequent repairs. Though steep roofs provide water and debris runoff, the same runoffs can clog up your gutters and cause flooding. They require more frequent upkeep to empty the drainage pipes and drains.

Low slope roofing 

Low slope roofing is more or less what it sounds like – it’s a roof designed to cover an area with a low pitch. To meet the low-pitch criteria, the rooftop must have an angle of fewer than 18 degrees. When many people talk about low-pitched roofs, they often talk about a flat roof (or something very close to flat). Because most commercial and industrial buildings have significantly more floor space than residential roofs, flat roofs or low-slope roofs are usually cheaper for these facilities. Some of the most common materials used for flat and low-pitched roofs include metal, modified bitumen and sheet roofing, PVC, TPO, and EPDM.


Affordable and easy to install. 

Unlike steep slope roofing, low slope roofs are easy to install as they don’t require as much framing. Since they are flat, steep roofs are easy to manage and reduce the cost of labor. 

Save on energy bills. 

Likewise, unlike steep slopes that by design make an attic space, they steep roofs do not. So if you want to reduce your energy bills on heating and cooling, it is a safe option.

Special treatments. 

You can use additional coatings such as acrylic, emulsion, and reflective material to resist weather elements such as water and corrosion.

Multipurpose roof. 

Low-slope roofs offer much space for you to use in other ways. You could make a sun deck that wouldn’t be possible on a steep roof.


Limited material choice. 

While steep roofs are offered in various materials such as asphalt, shingles, metal, concrete, etc., roofing options for low slopes are minimal owing to the downward incline of the roof. 

Not for snowy places. 

We do not recommend getting low-sloped roofs if your area experiences a lot of snowfall or rain, as they can accumulate on the top with no way to cascade down.


Since they are pretty low inclined, snow and water will gather on top. As the water stagnates, it can result in leaks that may damage your property. They require particular components such as flashing, coping, and drains to promote water drainage. 

Why choose our roofing services?

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Ending Note:

The satisfaction and happiness of our beloved customers are essential to us. Whether a simple consultation, a minor repair, or an outright new roof, we guarantee to provide you with an affordable rate, premium quality materials, and top-notch service.



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