You are currently viewing Community Building With Apprenticeships: Jeremiah Broz Touts The Success Of Energy Advantage’s Program In Colorado

Community Building With Apprenticeships: Jeremiah Broz Touts The Success Of Energy Advantage’s Program In Colorado

Jeremiah Broz, CEO and founder of Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar, is a strong proponent of apprenticeship programs. His company is already reaping the benefits of enhancing its vision and community growth in Colorado.

Broz wants roofing companies to change the way they restore storm-damaged roofs. Instead of simply replacing the damage with the same shingles that will need replacement again, he wants roof installers to consider installing solar panels. This would provide extra protection for the home and create an environmentally friendly energy source.

Broz is also a strong proponent of government programs that support solar and insurance proceeds, as they allow replacement materials to be multi-purposeful.

“Instead of going back with the exact same stuff, let’s upgrade into renewable energy. Let’s do something to actually save this planet that we’re working on.”

The Latest Incentives for Apprenticeship Programs

In June 2021, Colorado Governor Polis signed two bills totaling $75 million to boost the state’s workforce training efforts, focusing on apprenticeships

In July of 2021, The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and its Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) awarded $7 million in state apprenticeship expansion grants

Jeremiah Broz Moves Apprenticeship Forward in Colorado

We need to get solar installations up to projected numbers to meet our goals for reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change. And right now, we’re not even close.

Broz’s company focuses on the residential side of solar and has been training apprentices over the past few years. During the interview, he shared that his company recently started an apprenticeship program with the city of Denver. Out of nearly 1000 solar companies in the state, we are only the second to join this program.

While the program helps build a pipeline of qualified workers, it also raises awareness for sustainable options – personally and professionally. The goal is to have a lasting impact on the community, which Broz believes starts with a small community of self and family. It then grows to neighbors, students, employees, and the city.

Jeremiah’s Philosophy & His Approach to Business

Broz believes that good companies are built on community. His philosophy centers on training roofers with solar installation best practices to help them get through the system and become certified in their field.

He wants to see people succeed and reach their full potential inside and outside the company. This is evident in his business approach and the opportunities he provides for his employees. 

Not Everything Was Smooth Sailing for Jeremiah, But He Kept Pushing Forward

Despite all of his success, Jeremiah has had his share of challenges. Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar is the product of many years of hard work, dedication, and determination. He stayed focused on his goals, even when things got tough.

He said, “I’ve been broke three times in my 30s and had to start over, every single time.”

Fortunately, Jeremiah didn’t let his failures stop him from moving forward. He continued to grow and learn from his mistakes. As a result, he created a successful business that has helped many people in Colorado.

Jeremiah’s experience is a testament to the power of apprenticeships. By investing in apprenticeships, businesses can provide opportunities for people to learn new skills and grow in their careers.

At Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar, we are committed to community building. This is our way of ensuring that everyone has the chance to succeed, regardless of their background or experience.

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